Total Hip Revision

About Total Hip Revision

Hip replacements are designed to last for many years. But sometimes they can wear out due to natural use over time or an infection that can develop in nearby tissues. Hip revision surgery is performed to repair an artificial hip joint that has been damaged so the hip can function normally again.

With hip revision surgery, the artificial hip joint is removed and replaced with a new one. Depending on the severity of the damage and the cause, more than one hip revision surgery may be required. In more severe cases, such as with an infection, an initial surgery will be needed to remove the old prosthesis scar tissue and treat the joint with antibiotics for the infection. When the hip is cured of infection, surgery is performed to provide a new prosthetic.

Hip revision surgery requires a period of adjustment. Patients should keep in mind that normal activities such as getting into a car or climbing stairs will be difficult. After approximately six months, most patients are able to walk without a limp, and without pain in the hip.

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