Total Hip Replacement

About Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery also called total hip arthroplasty, is used to relieve pain and restore function to patients whose joints have been destroyed by trauma or disease such as arthritis.

Traditional Total Hip Replacement

During traditional hip replacement surgery, the surgeon makes an incision on the side of the hip and splits or detaches the muscles to expose the joint surface. Next, the diseased bone tissue and cartilage are removed, leaving the healthy parts of the joint intact. The surgeon then replaces the head of the femur and acetabulum with a new, artificial part called a prosthesis. The new hip is made of materials that allow a natural, gliding motion of the joint.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

An alternative to traditional hip replacement is anterior hip replacement. This involves inserting the prosthesis, through an incision on the anterior or front of the hip. This makes it possible to reach the joint by separating rather than cutting the muscles or tendons. While this approach will not help your new hip joint function better or last longer, it may result in less pain, a faster recovery, and a quicker return to normal activity due to less muscle damage.

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