Distal Radius Fracture Repair

About Distal Radius Fracture Repair

Surgery typically involves making an incision to directly access the broken bones to improve alignment. Depending on the fracture, there are a number of options for holding the bone in the correct position while it heals:

  • Cast
  • Metal pins (usually stainless steel or titanium)
  • Plate and screws
  • External fixator (a a stabilizing frame outside the body that holds the bones in the proper position so they can heal)
  • Any combination of these techniques

In the case of an open fracture, where the bone is revealed, surgery is required as soon as possible. The exposed soft tissue and bone must be thoroughly cleaned and antibiotics may be given to prevent infection. Either external or internal fixation methods will be used to hold the bones in place. Because the kinds of distal radius fractures are so varied and the treatment options are so broad, recovery is different for each individual.

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