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What Sets Us Apart?

We’re the home of the first hospital-based sports medicine program on the East Coast. In fact, our treatment of athletes has set us apart since 1978. So whether you’re a beginner, recreational athlete or an elite professional, you’ll benefit from our unique understanding of physically active individuals and the injuries they suffer. Plus, our fully integrated approach to care emphasizes early intervention as well as ways to avoid complications and maintain good physical health during recovery.

Our fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons have proven experience treating even the most complex athletic injuries. In fact, more than 40 sports organizations, including the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Blast, Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, and US Lacrosse, have chosen MedStar Sports Medicine as their official medical team. Our surgeons collaborate with sports medicine providers and rehabilitation teams to customize a treatment plan that will get you back on track as soon as possible


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