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What Sets Us Apart?

There’s a reason our team is the most preferred in the area for shoulder and elbow surgery. The shoulder and elbow specialists at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital have extensive knowledge and skill in treating a wide range of shoulder and elbow conditions–giving athletes and active patients the best chance for a safe and healthy return to normal activities.

Our fellowship-trained specialists offer arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and elbow (a minimally-invasive technique that uses tiny cameras through small incisions), traditional and reverse shoulder replacement, and treatment for rotator cuff tears, shoulder and clavicle fractures, dislocations, throwing injuries, and frozen shoulder. An emphasis on patient education is a priority.

Consider these facts:

  • Our fellowship-trained specialists are nationally renowned in performing both complex and routine shoulder and elbow surgical procedures.
  • We perform more shoulder replacement surgeries than any other hospital in central Maryland.
  • Our surgeons teach other orthopedic surgeons across the United States how to preform these procedures.
  • We lead cutting-edge research in new techniques for elbow reconstruction, rotator cuff tendon healing studies and outcome studies for shoulder replacements.
  • We perform all arthroscopic surgical procedures using the latest equipment and techniques.

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital is proud to be home to two shoulder and elbow fellowship-trained surgeons who are among just a handful of surgeons nationwide who perform reverse shoulder replacement, a relatively new procedure for patients with severe shoulder damage.

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Stemless Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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