Educational Luncheon

The purpose of the orthopedic educational luncheon is to allow residents and fellows to present their research projects to the attending surgeon/mentor, research and support staff, and students. After the presentation there is a Q & A session. The orthopedic educational luncheons are held six times a year at noon, in the Johnston meeting room.

Call 410-554-2970 for more information.

Research Committee Meetings

The Orthopedic Research Committee funds orthopedic research projects for residents and fellows. To submit a proposal, please fill out this form. The committee meets quarterly to critically review submitted research proposals for their scientific merit and to allocate approved funds.

Committee Members:

Chairman – Robert Brumback, MD
Regina Bissett
Henry Boucher, MD
Lyn Camire
Jamie Dreese, MD
Greg Guyton, MD
Richard Hinton, MD
Richard Levine, MD
Stuart Miller, MD
Mike McMaines
Anand Murthi, MD
Brent Parks, MSc
Janet Yu-Yahiro, PhD

Orthopedic Performance Improvement Committee (OPIC)

The Orthopedic Performance Improvement Committee is comprised of orthopedic surgeons, residents, nurses, risk management, quality management, infection control, and case management staff. The committee is chaired by Dr. Leslie Matthews, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery. This committee meets quarterly to discuss performance improvement within the orthopedic department. The committee reviews a quantitative analysis of performance improvement in U.S. hospitals compared to MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. The committee also addresses Joint Commission requirements while improving inpatient care, clinical outcomes, workflow efficiencies, and cost containment, all which makes the hospital stronger.

Orthopedic Surgical Policy Committee (OPSC)

The members of the Orthopedic Surgical Policy Committee include orthopedic surgeons from every orthopedic sub-specialty, the director of anesthesiology, the director of the emergency department, and operating room nurses. The chairman of the committee is Dr. James Higgins, Chief of the Curtis National Hand Center. The committee reviews current issues in the operating room, hospital and system integration, education, and division updates. Policies are created within this committee when needed. This committee meets quarterly.

For more information about orthopedic research at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, please contact us at [email protected].