Combining world class expertise with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital provides exceptional training and educational opportunities. A total of 10,000 square feet of well-equipped research space is dedicated to orthopedic research and surgical skills training. A wide array of opportunities is available to support resident and fellow projects and education, as well as company sponsored grants, and NIH and foundation funded research. Significant laboratory space has been dedicated to the advancement of knowledge. Learn more about each of our labs here:

Biomechanical Research and Surgical Techniques and Technology Laboratory

The Biomechanical Research Laboratory, housed within the Surgical Techniques and Technology (STAT) Laboratory, is a state-of-the-art laboratory that offers multi-station facilities for surgical techniques training and separate areas dedicated to biomechanical research studies. Resources include two material testing load frames, 3D tracking cameras, custom-made test setups accommodating for Foot and Ankle, Sports Medicine, Shoulder and Elbow, Hand, and Trauma studies. The educational benefit of training with fresh anatomical specimens is instrumental in honing the advanced skills required for the complex, contemporary surgical procedures demanded of today’s surgeons.

The STAT Lab can accommodate training needs for a wide array of surgical sub-specialties. The conference room and lab area have interactive audio-visual connections to two of MedStar Union Memorial Hospital’s OR suites. Participants can observe a real-time or recorded surgery on one of the monitors conveniently positioned throughout the training area providing an ideal environment for training in innovative surgical techniques. For more information, contact the director at [email protected].

Musculoskeletal Research Center

The MedStar Musculoskeletal Research Center is a MedStar-wide initiative to expand and enhance existing research efforts in the areas of degenerative, deformity, traumatic, and congenital pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. The multidisciplinary research center includes laboratory facilities covering a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, including radiography, biomechanics, histology, 3D printing, in-vivo biological modeling, and clinical research. The center is available to all MedStar-based attendings, fellows, surgeons in training and medical school students and serves as a contract research organization for private industry and other academic institutions. The fundamental goal of this endeavor is to provide the best possible learning environment for both established researchers and our surgeons in training to build upon upon the scientific and clinical knowledge base of musculoskeletal disorders. For more information, contact the director at [email protected].

Microsurgery Laboratory

The microsurgery laboratory is available for training in microsurgical procedures. The facility contains three dissecting microscopes and a full complement of related microsurgical instruments. In-depth training courses are available on a wide array of microsurgical neurovascular models. For more information, contact [email protected].