The MedStar Union Memorial Foot and Ankle fellowship program, founded in 1989, enters another year with a renewed zeal to fulfill the mission of training the future leaders in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction. Our busy clinical, surgical, and didactic schedules provide the essentials of training, highlighted by one-on-one mentorship with four renowned educator/surgeons. The applicant can expect to have extensive surgical and clinical exposure in a wide range of conditions reflective of the entire spectrum of foot and ankle problems including congenital, traumatic, and degenerative disorders. Standard and complex reconstructions for hallux valgus, forefoot/midfoot/hindfoot and ankle deformities, arthritis, sports conditions, acute/chronic trauma, Charcot-related disorders, nerve injuries, and tendinopathy are commonly seen. We use an eclectic approach with state-of-the-art techniques using conventional and innovative implants and biologics to optimize outcome.

Research is also a highlight of your fellowship training at the MedStar Union Memorial Foot and Ankle Fellowship. The clinical staff is complemented by our research staff, including dedicated laboratory and administrative support to provide a rewarding research experience. Extensive research opportunities include clinical, biomechanical and biologics studies. Our biomechanics laboratory research has won numerous research awards, and our orthopedic biologics laboratory is at the frontier of translational tendon and mesenchymal stem cell research. Interaction with scientists and engineers in the orthopedic implant industry complete a well-rounded exposure to research for MedStar Union Memorial foot and ankle fellows.

Our surgical, clinical, and research programs work together in a stimulating, personalized training experience to create the finest foot and ankle surgeon possible. Many of our alumni direct academic foot and ankle programs, and many others enjoy private practice settings.

Approximately 1,500 foot and ankle surgical procedures are performed annually, which provide the fellow an opportunity to participate in every aspect of foot and ankle reconstruction. Collaboration with Mercy Medical Center will provide additional state of the art clinical, surgical, and research exposure. Advanced computer skills are taught throughout the year, including data management, slide show presentations, digital photographic editing, video editing and production, and technical animations. As product design and development from the foot and ankle team is ongoing, the fellow has the opportunity to learn about patents, intellectual property, and corporate interaction.

The goal of the Fellowship Program is to foster insight, understanding, and creativity with respect to all facets of treatment of foot and ankle disorders. This is provided through thoughtful and provocative interaction in a full service educationally conducive environment in the clinics, at the bedside, in the operating room, and in the biomechanics/cell biology laboratories.

A two month block of time is made available to perform biomechanical and/or biologic research. In addition ongoing clinical research takes place throughout the year. Participation in resident’s research projects is encouraged but independent study design and implementation is encouraged. A vast array of clinical investigations are conducted including retrospective and prospective studies. These studies are supervised and supported by our Orthopedic department and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the hospital’s parent organization, MedStar Health Research Institute. As a result of our efforts the fellow is responsible for numerous academic presentations and publications each year.

The didactic lecture schedule is in accordance with the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital residency academic schedule. Tuesday evening’s didactic conferences include foot and ankle, sports medicine, total adult reconstruction, and physical therapy lectures by attendings, invited guest and physical therapist. Journal Club is also scheduled monthly