The goal of MedStar Union Memorial Hospital’s fellowship programs is to provide a thoughtful, multi-disciplinary learning environment in which young orthopedic surgeons can learn the art and science of subspecialty care while developing an appropriate foundation for their career’s long success.

Our program seeks to balance high-volume clinical/surgical experiences, a wide variety of organizational partnerships and exciting research/educational opportunities.

The program is centered on a mentorship-based model in which fellows participate in all facets of their attending’s practice. This provides a real-world look at the practice of highly specialized orthopedic care and facilitates meaningful follow up with patients.

Learning experiences are centered on direct participation in office practice, participation in hospital and surgery center-based operative cases and gradual increasing responsibilities in a variety of training room and on-field opportunities. We have an extensive didactic program, and ample time is allotted for research and self-directed learning opportunities.

We recognize the fellowship is a time for assimilation and application of specialized knowledge. There is no required emergency room or group call, no redundant teams or events coverage and ample time to participate in a variety of learning experiences. Our program has had a long and successful record of caring for patients in the Mid-Atlantic area, a growing national reputation, and our fellows are viewed as an integral part of our practice and success. Fellows are treated as peers and in turn are expected to approach this opportunity in a responsible and mature manner.

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