Your Care

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital’s orthopedic service is among the best available. Simply put—experience matters. For more than 160 years, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital has been providing quality care by a dedicated, specialty-trained team of physicians, nurses and support staff. All of your care team members, from your surgical team, to your physical therapists, to your radiologists, are dedicated to, and have specialized training in, orthopedic care. Our staff works together to make your experience a pleasant one.

While here, you’ll enjoy specialty services in a friendly and supportive environment. Your care is based on your individual needs, and we’ll help you set goals for success and track your progress. Once you leave, we will stay connected to you—arranging any special services or supplies you may need, as well as home care or ongoing outpatient services, if necessary. We also encourage your family members to join in your recovery.

Learn more about our approach to care:
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After Your Visit – get access to your health information and understand your rights.