​Adolescent Scoliosis

About Adolescent Scoliosis

If the spine grows unnaturally, this curvature can affect a person’s posture for life. If your pediatrician has recommended you see an orthopaedist who specializes in scoliosis, contact a MedStar Health fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in this area to perform this evaluation. We uses an innovative approach to predict the development of scoliosis in children who are adolescent or pre-adolescent.

SCOLISCORE™ AIS Prognostic Test

The SCOLISCORE™ AIS Prognostic Test, is a way to determine who is at risk for curve progression. Using a simple saliva test, the lab can determine, using a DNA footprint, whether your child’s curve needs treatment.This test is exciting for doctors—because before SCOLIiSCORE, the majority of children and teenagers at risk for scoliosis used to have an X-ray every six months to determine the growth and development of their curvature. For the overwhelming majority of children, their curvature will not progress, but it was impossible to know this before SCOLISCORE. Now 60-70 percent of these children know, with certainty, they will not develop scoliosis; therefore, they won’t need to be exposed to X-rays every six months.


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